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Authentic, Inspired, Soulful Portraiture for
Seniors, Weddings & Families.

As an artist, I reserve the right to decline any job that I find offensive, in poor taste or violates my right to freedom of expression, personal authenticity and integrity.

(rustic, elegant, simple, hollywood glam, etc)

(anything unique about the day/ceremony)

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Hey Jen!

I'm so excited I found your website! I found you through
____________________ and would love to get some information on a ___________________________________ sessions.

We are getting married/I'm proposing on _________________
at ________________. We are using a wedding planner _________ and the reception is at ___________________.

The theme of our wedding is _____________________________and something special about my day is ________________________.
My email address is ______________________________ and my phone number is ______________________. Thank you so much!

______________________ and _____________________



thank you